What we must know about human trafficking?

Human trafficking cases are increased during last years. In 2012 as the result of the search operations 85 human trafficking facts have been discovered, according to APA, National Coordinator on Fight for Human Trafficking of the Republic of Azerbaijan, Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs Vilayat Eyvazov noted in his annual report. Human trafficking is the modern form of slavery and accompanies with cruel, indifferent attitudes and with human rights deprivation. Human being becomes the manipulation object, and is being treated as personal belonging.

I took part in 1 week training on human trafficking. Training was conducted in Guba on the 11- 15th of February by Azerbaijan Children Union with the support of International Migration Organization. As Fuad Dargahli, the trainer noted: “According to the world statistics, if in the dirty economy human trafficking is on the 3rd place by income this is quite dangerous.”

There were presentations on “What is human trafficking?”, “What are the forms of human trafficking?”, “How can I be protected from human trafficking?” topics. We had games played on the topic of human trafficking also. To be honest, after the training I became more careful. I warned all my friends who are going to study or work abroad, to carry the copy of their passport with themselves, and present it if somebody asks for it. Also I shared the knowledge I gained at the training with the students of Azerbaijan University. After that I provided a seminar for school students. The other participants of the training also provided seminars. The purpose of it was to raise public awareness, so the people would be aware of the situations like this.

When you talk about human trafficking in first place people think of woman exploitation, sexual exploitation. But I would like especially mention that human traffickers make not just women but also men and children slaves. Human traffickers mainly force men aged 18– 55 to labour exploitation. In some cases the labour of children under the age of 18 is also being used. One of the main reasons why men are becoming victims of human trafficking is unemployment, but of course not only this. Reasons are different: poverty, unemployment, lack of education, family crisis, violence, lack of attention to children, large gap in the development of cities and villages and etc.

Human trafficker uses this reasons and offers them sweet life, like “the career abroad”, “high salary” and etc., and people easily become their victims.

Are you offered education abroad?

Every youth would like to have education abroad. If you offered education abroad you need to be careful, you must be offered an official contract. Or if you are already abroad, and you either lost your documents or someone took it, you are already a victim. In this case you must go to the nearest polis station or apply to either embassy or to the consular department of your country.

There is a trend like “it cannot happen to me”. But it is totally wrong and absurd approach. Each of us can be victim of human trafficking. We just need to be attentive and well-informed.


People who have been victims of human trafficking, and survived are called “Survivor” internationally, because these people have been survived from a very difficult situation. As a social worker you have to be very sensitive when you work with these people. We have to put ourselves on their place and try to understand them better. Social workers should obey ethical rules. He has to think before asking questions and keep the privacy. Social worker should provide moral support and help to get out of the situation he/she is in. If social worker sees psychological problems he must refer that person to the psychologist.


There are several ways to be saved from the human trafficking: hot line, embassies and consulates, border crossing points, police, NGOs, international organizations, clients, religious institutions (mosques and churches), medical institutions and etc.

I think the best way of stopping human trafficking is raising public awareness. We can well-inform people and make them aware of human trafficking and prevent them from becoming a victim.


There are several services to fight against human trafficking in Azerbaijan:

  • Hot line service 152, during 24 hours
  • Safe shelter
  • Free juridical, psychological and medical services
  • A mechanism to refer to the law enforcement agencies
  • Social accompaniment by NGOs (employment, vocational training etc.)



Elmir Valehli

– See more at: http://cspd.az/index.php/blogs/elmir-s-blog/206-what-we-must-know-about-human-trafficking#sthash.CRLaSi1L.dpuf


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