What does it mean  to be a social worker for me?

To  be a social worker is a very honourable profession for me. Actually I found myself in this profession. Now I will explain to you more clearly that how I have happened to come to social work.

When I was a child I was trying to communicate with people, to learn something from them and help. My parents have always desired me to be “ a policeman”, “ a doctor” , “minister”, “the head of Executive Committee” as classic Azerbaijani families have . If I become one of the followings I will be “happy”  for sure. But I have never been interested in this and have always tried to be away from such kind of jobs. Perhaps, these jobs offer  money, “respect” and etc, but they don’t mean happiness to  me.

I try to help, communicate and listen to the people who are around me. In fact, such things that seem so small makes me happy.

The preperation period to the university is a terrible thing. Psycological strain, the calls from your family, friends and relatives and their questions of “how did it go? How many questions did you write? ” strain the person much. For a moment you want to be away from everything.

So, let’s just put these aside and talk about the main issue. I had university exams and didn’t achieve higher score. In fact, I am a very hard-working person but because of my health problem that day  I went sick to the exam. Despite all these, I had to make a choice. Unfortunately, my score didn’t match my parents’desired faculties. However there is saying: “ There is a blessing in any case.” While choosing the specialities, I chose several of them. However Khuraman,the maths teacher living in neighbourhood, said to me: “ My son, choose social work, it is a new speciality and  must be good.” My parents also looked at the word “Work” there and even joked: “ So, you will have a job in the future”. 

I did a search on the internet to gather information about social work, but couldn’t find any detailed information. Because in 2009-2010 the social work was created newly as a profession.There were graduate students in this field who studied abroad and with the help of them, began the development of social work in the lives of students as me.

So, let me stay in the frame. I matriculated the faculty of Social Work at Azerbaijan University and it changed my life. The first teachers who taught social work were Turana Aliyeva and Tamerlan Rajabov who studied social work abroad. They explained the  essence, aim of social work so clearly that I found myself in it and “believed that it was the work that I need”. I really learned some skills related to social work during 4 years. At the same time I was working as a volunteer in non-government organizations after the classes. I put  the theory that I learned, into the practice. I worked as a volunteer at UAFA ( United Aid For Azerbaijan ) for 2 years. I improved my practical skills especially in these 2 years. I start doing home visits with UAFA for the first time. It was very interesting but at the same time hard.

The “empathy” is very important in social work for understanding the people, families who in need and share their problems. In other words, it is necessary to put yourself into the place of beneficiary ( the person benefitting from the work of social worker ), share troubles and understand him. There is a  saying in social work: “ not pitying.” It means that you can put yourself into the place of beneficiary however you have to do it moderately. We can share the feelings with our colluages without violating the confidentiality.

I worked as a social worker in several organizations. Right now, I am working as a Project Assistant on the project of the “Implementation of the gate-keeping mechanism in Azerbaijan”  at UAFA. I believe that I will  innovate in this field, working on myself to develop my professional level. I am really happy that I can help a little to the families in need and the people with disability. I don’t consider social work as a source of profit. I am really enjoying my work a lot. I wish everyone to have the job he enjoys. 

– See more at: http://cspd.az/index.php/blogs/elmir-s-blog/216-what-does-it-mean-to-be-a-social-worker-for-me#sthash.JeFbRSvU.dpuf


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